AudioTelligence makes your customers’ speech clear and intelligible in a noisy world.

Our Technology

Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

AudioTelligence algorithms are suitable for embedding in consumer devices, even when the computing and power budgets are limited. They can transform the clarity and intelligibility of the audio and allow your products - home assistants, smart speakers, automotive products, hearing assistance devices, communications systems, and many more - to be used successfully in an ever noisier world.

Before AudioTelligence

Have you ever tried to use an in-car voice control system while the radio is on? It doesn’t work because this is what the microphones hear...

With AudioTelligence

… but when the audio is cleaned up using our technology, this is what your application receives and can act upon.


Our audio source separation technology can help your speech application work in a noisy world.

Whether you’re providing products such as home assistants, smart speakers, automotive voice control, hearing assistance devices, or communications systems, our practical technology can benefit you. AudioTelligence implementations don’t require calibrated microphones and don’t need training. We can configure our technology to suit your requirements for seamless integration into your products.

AudioTelligence, making speech intelligible in a noisy world.

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