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Making your voice heard in a noisy vehicle

Your in-car voice control system will be able to hear and understand you even when the cabin is awash with road noise, wind rush, the radio switched on and your passengers talking. The person at the other end of your hands-free telephone call will also be able to understand you.

We’ve all come to rely on voice recognition systems to keep our hands on the wheel when we’re driving. Whether you want to phone a friend, play your favourite music or navigate your way home, voice recognition technology has become indispensable. But that’s assuming it can actually recognise your voice.

Automotive Media

In reality, your voice will be competing with road noise, the radio and squabbling children on the back seat – so you’ll end up talking to yourself. The temptation to ditch the fancy technology and take your hands off the wheel to press old-fashioned buttons can be overwhelming – and dangerous.

AudioTelligence technology solves this problem by eliminating unwanted noise – clearing the way for a vehicle’s voice recognition system to pick out commands. The technology can even differentiate between the driver speaking to the navigation system, a front-seat passenger talking on their mobile and the newsreader on the radio. That’s a real helping hand.

Our Technology

Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

Before AudioTelligence

Have you ever tried to use an in-car voice control system while the radio is on? It doesn’t work because this is what the microphones hear...

With AudioTelligence

… but when the audio is cleaned up using our technology, this is what your application receives and can act upon.

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