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Consumer products

Finding your voice in a connected world

Nobody wants a voice-activated oven that gets the temperature wrong and burns dinner – or a connected fridge that misunderstands your commands and orders bread instead of eggs. In our ‘connected world’ we’re increasingly surrounded by products that are voice activated – and they need to just work.

Consumer Media

But voice-activated devices only work reliably in quiet environments – not your average family home where they have to cope with background chatter, music, the TV and the dog barking. Yet if they don’t make our lives easier, we’ll give up on the new generation of consumer products – and switch the oven on ourselves when we get home from work.

AudioTelligence’s sophisticated algorithms eliminate unwanted background noise to let your voice be heard. The technology is flexible – so it won’t cramp the style of device designers. And dinner will be perfectly cooked – so it will even eliminate rumbling stomachs.

Our Technology

Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

Before AudioTelligence

Voice-activated devices can struggle in a noisy family home.

With AudioTelligence

With a little help from AudioTelligence, they’ll hang on your every word.

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