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Hearing Assistance

Hearing Assistance

Enabling you to join in the conversation

Constantly repeating yourself is frustrating. But imagine how much worse it is for the person struggling to hear your conversation. Hearing loss makes it difficult to pick out individual voices when there’s a lot of background noise. It can be impossible to have a friendly chat in busy restaurants, coffee shops and bars.


A relaxed, sociable occasion can turn into an anxious, isolating ordeal if you can’t join in the conversation. That’s why so many people turn to hearing aids. But they often make the problem worse – amplifying all the sounds around you so you still can’t hear what your friends and family are saying.

Aiso™ a revolutionary new approach from AudioTelligence is set to transform life for people with hearing difficulties. Unwanted background noise is eliminated to enable you to focus on the voices you want to hear. For the first time, everyone can join in the conversation. That really is something to shout about.

Our Technology

Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

Before aiso™

The sounds of a busy restaurant can drown out the conversation.

After aiso™

With a little help from aiso™, the conversation is clear.

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