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Home Assistant

Home Assistant

Improving the reliability of home assistants

It’s enough to make you scream – the frustration of shouting at your digital assistant device or smart soundbar when it can’t hear you over your favourite music track. If the washing machine then goes into spin mode, you might as well give up altogether. But there could be a solution in sight – or, rather, in sound.

Home Assistant Media

Smart devices are supposed to make our life easier. But if you have to shout at your home assistant half-a-dozen times when you want it to turn the music down, it’s probably easier to get up and adjust the volume yourself. You might put up with this inconvenience in a gadget – but not in something that is fast becoming a ‘utility’ in our increasingly connected homes.

The new statistical approach from AudioTelligence adapts to an ever-changing acoustic environment. It eliminates the background noise so that your commands are clear – a result that speaks for itself.

Our Technology

Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

Before AudioTelligence

A typical family home is challenging for a digital assistant device.

After AudioTelligence

With a little help from AudioTelligence, your voice is heard loud and clear.

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