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Voice over IP

Making things clear in a noisy environment

How many times have you been forced to abandon a conference call because your colleagues are complaining they can’t hear you against the background of a noisy coffee shop or busy office? Yet our hectic lives often leave us with little choice but to communicate on the move or while hot-desking in a crowded office space.

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Our phones and laptops have become our lifelines – but they often fail us at crucial moments. They don’t cope well with conversations in noisy conditions – making it difficult to understand what is being said. And traditional noise suppression technology often makes matters worse by treating the speech as noise.

What’s unique about the AudioTelligence solution is that it uses a statistical approach to solve the problem. It’s autofocus for sound, based on sophisticated algorithms – an ‘acoustic lens’ that enables your laptop or phone to focus on what you are saying, whatever the distractions.

Our Technology

Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

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