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Voice over IP

Making your connections clear when working from home

Coronavirus means we're all working from home now... Did you think that you would find your home environment more peaceful and productive than a noisy open plan office? For many of us the reality is very different; our partners, children, pets, housemates are all cooped up with us, demanding attention, making noise, doing their own work. Not only do you find you can't hear yourself think – but your colleagues can't hear you either when you join team-building conference calls on your laptop or make a VoIP call to your boss to discuss a particular project.

AudioTelligence has the technology to solve this problem right now. Listen to the difference our solution makes when it's turned on during this call between two team members working from home. At the start of the call, background noise at one end overwhelms  the speaker's voice; when he turns on our tech, he can be heard clearly.

The system is also adaptive, so any new background noises that appear are eliminated in real time – ensuring your colleagues can still hear you even if your partner is on another conference call in the same room. 

What’s unique about the AudioTelligence solution is that it uses a statistical approach to solve the problem. It’s autofocus for sound, based on sophisticated algorithms – an ‘acoustic lens’ that enables your laptop or phone to focus on what you are saying, whatever the distractions.

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