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We are a small team of very smart people who’ve invented some of the most innovative technology in the world of audio.

We are looking for people to help grow our team quickly - people who will relish the opportunities that we can offer for interesting work in a technically demanding field.

We want talented engineers and scientists who will enjoy being with us from the beginning as we grow our company, our team and our product portfolio.

You are passionate about your work and keen to make progress technically and personally. You have the skills and experience we need but you know there’s still more you can learn.

You’re looking for an opening to build your career in an organisation where your brains, creativity and hard work will be recognised and rewarded, and where you will have fun working with inspiring colleagues in a diverse team.

You want to be in at the start of something really special, involved in projects that inspire you and make you want to work, not just need to work.

Together, we will build a company based on shared values of innovation, creativity, respect and teamwork.

Together, we’re AudioTelligence 

Senior Software Engineer

We’re looking for software engineers with good experience of cross platform development, excellent C++ skills and Python knowledge. A background in signal processing would be very helpful.

  • Full time
  • Cambridge
  • Permanent
  • 06/08/2018

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