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Helping noisy VOIP calls clean up their act

Dec 9, 2019

How many times have you been forced to abandon a conference call because your colleagues are complaining they can’t hear you against the background of a noisy airport or busy office? Our phones and laptops have become our lifelines – but they often fail us at crucial moments.

Communicating on the move or across different time zones is something we take for granted – but all too often it's easier said than done. Or perhaps that should be easier said than heard…

VoIP calls don’t cope well with conversations in noisy conditions – making it difficult to understand what is being said. And traditional noise suppression technology often makes matters worse by treating the speech as noise.

What’s unique about our solution is that it uses a statistical approach to solve the problem. It’s autofocus for sound – an ‘acoustic lens’ that enables your laptop or phone to focus on what you are saying, whatever the distractions.

Our data-driven blind audio signal separation technology is able to ‘listen’ to a real-world acoustic scene and identify the prominent sources of sound, including echoes and reflections. Sophisticated algorithms enable it to cancel out the unwanted interference that often makes effective speech recognition impossible.

The system is also adaptive – so any new background noises that appear are also eliminated in real time. That's why the technology can even cope with a Skype call in a busy coffee shop – ensuring the person on the other end can hear you clearly at all times.

The solution doesn’t need calibrating or training – so existing devices can be easily reconfigured with a software update. And the algorithm has a latency of just five milliseconds – making it ideal for real-time applications.

But don't take our word for it – hear it for yourself on our stand at the CES tech show in Las Vegas next month. We'll be doing demonstrations throughout the event (7-10 January) on stand 51902/E at Sands Expo, Hall G. We hope to see – and hear – you there.