David Betts

Chief Scientific Officer

Dave has 28 years of industrial experience in creating innovative and award-winning audio processing algorithms. He is the principal developer of the AudioTelligence algorithms and is the named inventor on their patents.

Before joining AudioTelligence, Dave was the Director of Research at CEDAR Audio Ltd, the technological parent company for AudioTelligence. The majority of CEDAR’s many award-winning products employ algorithms developed by Dave. These products are used throughout the film, broadcast and live sound industries, as well as by audio forensic laboratories and security forces.

Many mainstream movies and television programmes are processed using algorithms that Dave developed, and he was recognised for his contribution to the film industry when, in February 2005, he and AudioTelligence co-founder Dr Christopher Hicks were awarded Sci-Tech Academy Awards (technical Oscars) for the development of the CEDAR DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor.

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