Prof Peter Rayner

Technical Board

Peter Rayner is an Emeritus Professor at Cambridge University and Emeritus Fellow of Christ’s College Cambridge. He was formerly Head of the Signal Processing and Communications Research Laboratory in the Department of Engineering at Cambridge. He has published widely in learned society journals, books and international conference proceedings.

He has a particular interest in the digital processing of audio signals and, in 1985, was approached by the British Library National Sound Archive to advise on the possibility of digital restoration of degraded gramophone recordings. The resulting research led to the establishment in 1988 of CEDAR Audio. Peter was a founding director of CEDAR and remains a director of the Company.

He has a longstanding interest in separating individual speech signals from speech mixtures. He proposed that CEDAR undertake a research project in this area and the ensuing eight years of work led to the founding of AudioTelligence to commercialise the work of the CEDAR team.

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