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Our audio source separation technologies are low latency, low cost, high performance, and configurable to suit your requirements

Speech Recognition

With the ever-expanding adoption of speech recognition technologies, it’s vital that they work in noisy environments. Our solutions make it possible for home assistants to recognise speech commands while the dishwasher is on and the television is blaring out, for your in-car voice control system to work successfully even if the radio is switched on and there are children shouting in the passenger seats, and much more. Whenever your speech recognition system needs to work effectively in the presence of noise, you need AudioTelligence.


Have you ever tried to hold a Skype conversation on public transport or tried to use Hangouts in a noisy café? Although you can wear earphones to hear what is being said to you, it can be almost impossible for the person at the other end of the connection to understand what you are saying because the background noise and babble causes severe problems for the audio encoder. In the worst cases, your speech can be completely unintelligible. AudioTelligence removes the extraneous noise from the signal so that your speech can be encoded successfully and you can be heard clearly at all times.

Hearing assistance

When using speech recognition and communications systems, a processing delay of a small fraction of a second can be acceptable. However, hearing assistance devices impose another important criterion upon any noise reduction system: to ensure that lip movement and heard audio remain perfectly synchronised there must be no perceptible latency. WIth 20 years of experience developing near-zero latency audio solutions for the film and broadcast industries, AudioTelligence’s engineers have developed a practical solution to the ‘cocktail party’ problem, assisting people with impaired hearing to understand what is being said in noisy environments.

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AudioTelligence is confident in its technology, so try the demo. If you like what you hear, contact us for an evaluation account that allows you to upload your own recordings and test whether the technology works for you.

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