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aiso™ Technology

aiso™, providing OEMs with breakthrough solutions for audio products

The aiso™ family of products leverages AudioTelligence’s deep expertise in audio technology to deliver real innovation for the consumer electronics and assistive hearing markets. As well as being designed to work on any multi-microphone Android smartphone or tablet, aiso™ is the technology that powers AudioTelligence’s  hearing assistance reference design.

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Traditionally, the problem of distinguishing audio signals in noisy environments has been solved by using beamforming - but this is only capable of focusing audio capture within tens of degrees. The technology behind aiso™- blind source separation - dramatically outperforms beamforming. aiso™ is able to separate target sound sources from interfering signals on multi-microphone devices even when the sound source of interest isn't dominant. And because it is not based on AI, the system does not need training.

aiso™ offers a flexible, lightweight embedded software which is simple for OEMs to integrate - It does not require a dedicated hardware codec or DSP and it works with standard microphones, without the need for special microphone positioning.

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